Gas Log Fireplace Installation

gas log fireplace installation
Gas Fireplaces Logs have become very popular in the last decade. With this new popularity, however, has come the usual barrage of questions regarding these products and their uses. First, some information common to all these types. They are all available set up for Natural Gas or LP (Propane). They all require that you have an existing wood burning fireplace with a decent chimney system installed (have a chimney sweep check your chimney and fireplace). They are all available (or standard) with multi-function safety controls to assure that unlit gas cannot be sent into the living area.

Gas Logs are available in two basic types:

  • Vented Logs – For use in Fireplaces with the damper open. Price Range typically from $300 to $600
  • Unvented Logs – For converting existing wood burning fireplaces – damper can be left fully closed or open. Price Range typically from $350 to $650

Gas Log Benefits

If you currently have an open wood burning fireplace, you’ll find that switching to a gas log set installed directly in your fireplace will make an enormous difference. Much easier to use and maintain, a gas log set will deliver the yellow flames of a wood fire at the flick of a switch.

Are there benefits to upgrading?

The most obvious benefit is the appearance. Many standard gas fireplaces come with the standard gas logs, mainly unimaginative and not usually something that can reflect your personality or decor. Upgraded gas logs will go beyond.

You can choose specific species of wood from many gas log manufacturers, from the classic oak to cedar and other timbers. Many models have the look of realistic bark, split logs and even charred pieces. Quality sets are made to resemble the real thing as much as possible.

There are also more distinct and unique sets available that can be either contemporary or give an old world appearance. River rocks, geometric shapes and glass are among the fresh, modern looks. Other gas log sets resemble coal grates of the past.

Another benefit of upgrading gas logs is the possibility of increased efficiency. The latest models may have incorporated new technologies and improved the burn and rate of emissions. Many homeowners are looking for a more yellow flame or even lower emission rates and the manufacturers are responding. By utilizing the improved technology you can in turn make your home more environmentally friendly and reduce your costs to run the unit.

An upgraded gas log may also deliver the benefit of more heat. If you have the room, invest in a larger gas log set. Or switch from vented to vent-free and increase the heat output even more. A few manufacturers have introduced vented gas logs that produce more radiant heat. Upgrading to those makes and models will allow added comfort and warmth to fill your living space, a smart investment for any.

Whether you are after an improved appearance, better efficiency or more heat, consider the many cozy hours you will enjoy by upgrading your gas logs. It is truly money well spent.

Gas Log Maintenance

If you regularly use your gas logs, it’s important to have them professionally inspected once a year by a qualified HVAC contractor. Our qualified HVAC contractors will complete a thorough gas log inspection which will include service of the gas lines, valves, safety pilot, and connections.