Unvented Gas Log Fireplace Installation High Point, NC

Unvented Logs (Ventless and Vent-Free Logs)

Unvented log sets have become extremely popular, and the sales volume is approaching that of the Vented logs.

Unvented logs are economical to use. They burn a rates from 10,000 BTU/Hr to 40,000 BTU/HR which costs from 15 cents to 75 cents per hour (Natural Gas) to 20 cents to 85 cents per hour (LP). These logs do have yellow flames and glowing embers, but they do not look as real as the Vented Logs. This is due to the smaller BTU rating and the clean burning design.

Unvented (Vent-Free) Gas Logs-Monesson

Some states (Mass., Ca. and a few others) do not allow the use of any unvented gas appliance. People with asthma, or other respiratory sensitivities may find the slight odor and small decrease in room oxygen levels uncomfortable. It is not a good idea to use these logs for full time heating or to use them while you are not in the area or sleeping. They are, in effect, an “open fire” and the normal precautions should be considered. If your intention is to replace your wood fire, supply some space heating and provide a backup emergency heat source for your home, then an Unvented Log Set could have your name on it !

Installing Your Gas Logs

It is highly recommended that your new fireplace logs be installed by a HVAC services company, like Air Care Heating & Cooling. This is not the right job for DIY's.

Heating Your Home

Gas logs are a convenient way to convert your fireplace from wood.